What's different about PayProDirect.

Pretty much every thing, we aren't a staffing firm or an employer. PayProDirect is a tool that we and you can use to get the most out of any project, keep control, your client happy and net the most money possible.

Where we came from

We came from the need of a group of professionals that wanted to work on projects without being employees of the client or giving up 20-30% of the invoice to a staffing firm. Starting up small corporations wasn't the answer, clients don't like working with one off companies, insurances and benefits where impossibly expensive and the government revenue agencies clamp down on small corps, reclassifying them as employees and handing out big fines and penalties. The answer join together to form a flexible corporation able to take on many projects and use the benefit of scale to set up a centralised back office to handle accounts, payroll, paper work etc. Then negotiate discounts on everything from insurances, dental, medical, pensions to office supplies. Now we concentrated on growing and offering the services to other professionals, increasing our bargaining power and reducing the centralised cost burden down to less than 5%.

Who we are, the Canadian team

We are still a group of self motivated professionals from different backgrounds IT, HR, Accounting, Engineering carrying out our own projects and providing our experience, systems and momentum to workers that wish to take on projects the smart way. We keep costs low, results high and clients happy. We are growing quickly and offer a very open system, with a simple guarantee if you don't earn money we don't charge a fee and any time you want to go your own way we wish you luck and welcome you to come back in the future. If our centralised costs come in at less than 5% (the maximum fee) then we provide you with a credit for the next year.

Industries we work in:

Accounting, Banking, Bio, Computing, Construction, Consulting, Engineering, Health, Manufacturing, Media, O&G, Sales, Technology.

Skills we work with:

Architects, Consultants,  Drafting, Engineers, Executive, HR, IT, Management, Purchasing, QC, Sales, Technicians, Trades, Training, Writing.

Locations we cover:

Canada, UK and Citizens of either working internationally. We also work with none Canadian citizens carrying out projects for Canadian clients.